We had a last minute change with the coach trip arranged for my 50th and my instant decision was local and Kathmandu for sure!! The Nepalese is fantastic and the people and service is the best! So we started the day central at guinns where I can get the best craft ale selection and had a lovely ipa

Today we was joined by my dad for my 50th birthday party and he a had a very good chat to everybody!!!!

And the people started to arrive and was all together before leaving at 2.30 for a stone throw away walk to the Kathmandu.
We moved onto the Kathmandu and was presented with out reserved table and drinks and starters served up instantly!!

The wine is fantastic and well priced and then I opted for the mixed Achari using king prawns and lamb with a hot sauce – sizzling Nepalese dish it’s off the scale to be honest with a hot sauce.

Absolutely amazing I’d highly recommended this. The crew loved this and we will return very soon as we love this place!
We moved onto vanilla for more drinks and lots of laughs!!
Amazing day thank you to the crew for both meals this week for my birthday it’s been fantastic – thank you.
The days highlights


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