We headed to Torremolinos Central this week and started the day in Pub Branigans, thank you ole and switch for opening for us. I started the day with a fantastic craft ale Tukan IPA.

And we put a red wine in the cooler for our return! We headed over to Guínns for 14:30 and was presented with our reserved tables and drink orders started flowing

I’d highly recommended the white wine it was very fruity.
They took the food order and wasn’t long before we started getting served up with the most amazing food. I hadn’t had danish open sandwiches before but I have to say im addicted they are totally off the scale! I think Bryan is only doing these till mid March so I’d highly recommended going in and trying these!
I had beef, Danish pork and prawn salad.

Lisa was feeling adventurous and went for a small English breakfast !!!!

It was lovely on the terrace with the sun.
I have to say Bryan, CJ & Dave did a fantastic job. We was looked after and the service was great!
I have to give them a 12 out of 10 because of the open sandwich Amazing.
We headed back over to Branigans for a real good laugh and more beers and wine!!
Thank you for looking after us Switch
Fantastic day!
The days highlights.


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