Lunch club central Torremolinos

We started the day in the plaza independencia in a cracking bar called The Rugby Club. Well priced beer and get well looked after and lovely surroundings and water features.

Great to catch up with Mahesh & Rafael co original lunch club founders.

Everybody appeared before 2.30pm some started moving to the restaurant for 2.20 so we all appeared for the pre booked time and was served briskly with a very nice white wine.

We had a small problem with a bar across cutting tiles which was noisy and they started spray painting which is crazy we asked them to hold of a while but they was quite rude which was a shame for bars trying to get the trade around!
Everybody was served up ok apart from me and Lisa had a long wait we was served last which was a bit of a wait but we don’t complain on the day we think that’s rude!
Anyway the lamb chops was good I think

the restaurant will do well they are new owners and lovely people just a touch on the side for the price for me and others in the lunch club.
The lunch club moved onto Guinns in the central and some of the girls popped of to dealz for some English goodies!
The craft ale selection is great in Guinns and we are looking at arranging a lunch club with the guys in Guinns real soon!

We would like to welcome our new member Ilene to the lunch club and wish the restaurant cacerola all the best with the new restaurant.
Here are the days highlights


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