We had a great start to the day in plaza andalucia in mgjamon with well priced drinks and was entertained by some Spanish people who had a small heated argument!! We left on time for 2.30pm
For shanti! What I liked was the way they quickly made the seating for us. We had a small wait for the drinks order but was presented with a really nice white wine in a nice cooler with iced water

And asked what food we would like to order. The food took a while but when you are ordering fresh cooked food you should expect a wait and really we would usually pre Oder for small places with high number orders so we expected a mistake and a bit of wait!!
The starter we got was recommended and was amazing – fresh made spring rolls. Absolutely amazing

I had the mixed special fried rice
The problem with this was it was that good I didn’t come up for air!! Then we was presented with a green chicken Thai curry
Again absolute perfection! I was unable to lick my plate clean as the portions was big!
We was offered a drink for desert and took the baileys which was the icing on the cake!
I loved the service and food and people and for a first give a generous tip and would highly recommended shanti and we are going back for round two this week!! It’s probably the best priced good food ive found!
The whole club moved into mgjamon for more well priced drinks in fact you can’t complain at a fiver for a bottle of white wine

We moved into vanilla for last drinks and we usually had a few beers by this time so yes we had a right scream !!! lovely to meet Carole our new lunch club member and lovely to have Katrina and mike with us which is Jim & Sues daughter and husband!! Absolutely amazing group today another priceless day thank you so much everybody for being awesome bring on the wine tasting at casero!!!!!
Highlights of the day


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