We would like to thank everybody for there kind messages and concern but we would like people to know we are fine
Personally our life is amazing the problem was lunch club related that was causing stress and anxiety.
Now we are fine it was a just a blip in the amazing four years we have solely created, organising, expanding and running the club. We have been to the main cause of the problem and people are aware of this and we are therefore running the club on full steam for a few months and slowing the club with VIP invites in around one or two months time to avoid the same situation
We are fine personally and the lunch club will not be closing because of these minor interruptions
We would like to thank all the long term lunch club members who have been with the club and just rolled with the club causing no interruptions ?
If you would like to know more feel free to message me to explain anything you need to know.
Peace ✌️
love ❤️
Lunch Club Crew ?


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