Hey Monday Clubbers we have had a great few weeks and we had a lovely message from restaurant Casero sending us wishes and praising the club success!!
It’s been great fun the past few months and we have been to some great new venues!
We have wealth of new venues lined up which we squeezed! So now we have venues right through till mid may!! Which means we can just roll for another month now without any ground work !!!!

We had to make a few changes this month as we only do this for pleasure and it’s not a job we wanted to loose any niggles which luckily haven’t had to many in the four years we have been running this !!!! Sooooo

As from this Monday we would not accommodate pre ordering for food anymore, we will continue to take numbers of people to book the place but that’s enough to organise as it is so no more pre order restaurants!

We like recommendations from our club members and would love to carry on with recommendations soooo.. we can take the recommendations from the members and visit and contact the venue with only contact from me and Lisa to stop any confusion we would not work in a different way now. We have a recommendation from Jacqueline which we will visit this week and make contact with the Restaraunt and arrange the day direct this eliminates any problems.

Last but not least !!
Lisa manages a member list where she contacts members to book you with us in on the day but she recently doesn’t get replies like yes or no etc so she has decided that 3 time no reply she would remove the member from the Monday update list to save wasting her time! But then that person wouldn’t be guaranteed food or any of the activities if they don’t book with the club for the day !!!!

We have some awesome new venues over the next few weeks and fun times ahead we hope all the members are enjoying the club with the 6 per table restrictions!!

Any questions regarding Monday Club – please feel to contact me or lisa.

We have live chat and email on the website or drop me call.


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