A change of scene for the lunch club!
We havent moved around for a while so we went over to the amazing arroyo de la miel and started around 1pm in the 100 montaditos
Well priced drinks tables could do with a bit more tidying up but the place does get busy! So we tidied up ourselves!
The crew was altogether for 1.30pm and some headed direct to the Restaurant
We moved over a 3 or 4 minute walk through the arroyo de la miel which is very pleasant.
We was presented with our reserved table and the menus was straight out and i like the wine variety and wind menu on a tablet
They had one wine i would love to try which is 50 in the shops but they want 100 for this so i gave it a miss and went for the 19 crimes which is fantastic

The food wasnt to much of a wait i went for the steak which seemed small and came in three small pieces which isnt ideal but im not one to sit complaining it was cooked right!
The service and Restaurant is very good and the majority of the crew was happy! 7/10
We moved onto Sangsters bar which is bang on for the last drinks which was fantastic!
A great day for most.
This day we cut back to minimum crew as the weekly complaints dont fit with our weekly outings im afraid.
Here is the days highlights


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