A fantastic day in El Calvario in Torremolinos.
We started the day in new irish jims and we had the sun on the terrace massive shout out to kev for opening for us and the crew started to arrive between one and half past.

We went for a well priced bottle of wine and was ready for the restaurant a stone throw away for 2.30pm.

We was reserved in los valles in the new event room which we was the first to use ands very nicely laid out perfect for a group meal.

It didnt take long before they brought out the wine and they agreed to seperate the bill thank the lord! The lunch club doesnt like it if the venue cant seperate the bill!
We went for a amazing bottle of celeste

And the food orders started coming in and rolling, we had pre ordered to cut down on wait time which is a real pain the ass but hey ho!

Steak and salad was bang on, steak was massive and the salad was nice and crispy and fresh no desert required! Although i did have a spoonful or two of elsas desert which was heavenly!!!
The food, service, price and new event room was perfect thank you los valles crew you did a amazing job – Fantastic!
We moved on to siete tablas for drinks and laughs! Fantastic day.

One small problem as always! We had three pull out on the day of the pre order, luckily to was early enough to cancel before they prepared the last one just couldn’t bd bothered finding the place and canceling 20 minutes before?!
So we have to start coppering up to pay for a meal which isn’t suitable for our club im afraid.
Now when we supply the invite the number for the restaurant is on the invite you will have to call and cancel and see if they need settling up we will no longer be cancelling on the day or 20 minutes before for nobody! Please have consideration not just for us who arrange it but for the restaurant im sure you understand.

Apart from this we had a fantastic day and no complaints! Good laughs what the clubs designed for! Here are the days highlights.

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  1. We are a couple from
    British Columbia Canada.
    We have purchased an apartment in
    Torremolinos that will not be ready until
    2025. We usually visit torremolinos twice a year – in September /October and again in
    January/ February.


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