We had a fabulous day in the El Calvario!
We was involved in prepping and supplying the food with our company Sous Vide2go so the club met around 1pm at los valles for pre lunch drinks and we walked down to meet with the crew for 2pm we took a quick beer and headed on up the hill to Siete Tablas for our 2.30pm reservation. The room was set out perfectly and the drinks started flowing and some opted for the drinks deal supplied to the VIP club members siete tablas created for us!
I took one if my favourite red wines here

We have two meals available at 15 euro which was a bargain! The tablas deal was fantastic and started to flow out.

I was prepping the sous vide pork loin and special fried rice and they was served up fast.

Half way through the meal we put on the big television bargain loving brits with season 8 episode 17 and watched the lunch club on television! Which was great fun!
check here!
We carried on drinking till late this day it was fantastic! Everybody loved the food.
We will be doing the same the last monday of every month! It was that good.
The days highlights


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