We had a change of area today on a recommendation from two good sources.
But we started the day central to make it easy(ish) around one o’clock. We started to round up for 1.30 and thought it be good to start sorting taxis for around 2pm
I checked the uber price for four people at 5€ one way so not bad at this but nobody had uber installed apart from me!! So i ordered one uber for one set off of four and i had to wait for the next four on a trip when the first four got dropped off! In the meantime the other 8 took two cabs from the rank and was all in the venue for 2.30pm infact this was our first lunch club in the playamar which was a great change but because of season all surrounding bars for after meal tipple was closed!
So we headed into La Vaca Glotona for 2.30pm to our VIP reserved table which are very greatful for to the restaurant for opening on the day they close for the lunch club!
We had a mixed bunch today of residents, returning visitors and holiday makers so a good mix!
Straight away offered up the wine menu we just fancied the robles so we took the celeste

And we didnt have to much to wait for the main course! I have to say there was no pre order for food and this had no bearing on this restaurant at all so ten out of ten for that!
I went for the fillet with a sliced jacket potatoe with medium steak which was more medium rare but id rather it be that way than medium well!! So no complaints!

Everybody was more than happy with the restaurant, the food, drink and service
The only down point is the lunch clubs biggest hate is one bill together its a real day killer! But we made it while every one is trying to pay you at the same time, paying at the counter with cards it all gets complicated but hey ho we made it! Ill specify this has to be seperate next time before we book!!!!
There was no bars open here so we jumped a cab central and guinns is always open so we made a start there before drinking into the night on the town!!
The days highlights


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