A fantastic day in El Calvario.
We started the day earlier than usual to fit in with the reservation for Lanjaron, it’s probably the busiest Restaurant i know and people que for the food here! So they take a group booking from us as long as we get here for 1.30 as the afternoon is so busy! So we started the day in siete tablas around 12pm ? we had existing members and returning members and pretty high numbers! People started to roll in and ll group was rounded up by 12.30. Great service and well priced in siete tablas. Thank you gabi for looking after us!
We set of for lanjaron for 1.20pm to land on time for 1.30pm reservation
Table was all prepped and the food orders started flowing!

And the food started flowing out we started with a sizzling gambas pil pil

Which was awesome! And we had a pork fillet with pepper sauce for our main with a sizzling stone to cook how you want!

Was absolutely amaxing! A fruit ice cream to finish the icing on the cake!

I have to say the service and quality and price is the best at lanjaron massive thank you Antonio and the team fantastic.
Everybody was really happy and we headed over to siete tablas for a few more wines and a laugh!
Fantastic day.
The days highlights


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