We have made a slight change for the lunch club for 2023 as we are working on new work projects and need to cut back slightly so we talked to the los ridos crew and siete tablas and we are going back to our roots! On the last monday of every month we will be having sri lanken food made by our core member chefs mahesh and rafa in siete tablas! Plus we will have spanish cuisine available for people dont want to indulge in the sri lanken flavour explosions!!
This cuts down the venue organisation to three venues a month which is a lot for us!! Quite a lot of work goes on in the background and we are none profit and having to push with our computer business this year!!
So we will start this month on the 16th and then every month the last monday of the month!
Here is the menu from the 16th
Authentic sri lankan chicken curry, sweet potato curry infused in roasted curry powder with mustard seeds, cabbage tempered ofcourse the all famous coconut sambol served with basmati rice and condiments.
Also we would advice anybody on these mondays to contact the restaurant for there food if they font want our sri lanken menu. You can turn up and pick this but you might have to wait. We can give you contact details for pre ordering your own food!
2023 a year to go back to the lunch club roots!


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