We headed central this week and started the day in vanilla bar. We didn’t have as high numbers as usual but still had a fantastic day! We was altogether by 1.30/2pm and moved over to Restaurante Colonia for 3 as we hadn’t pre booked the time!! The staff was fast and we was presented with menus and drinks fast! The wine and food menu was quite well priced and have to say the lasagne portions for 11€ are massive and recommended! I ordered the entrecot steak which comes with fries and a small salad like a coleslaw which was when I added Mayo!

I asked for the steak medium but it was well done and the steak I thought for the money was very small so I wouldn’t order this again from here for sure! Shame great service and prices just let down by one meal as all the other meals seem good portions and prices!
We moved onto vanilla for more wines and a laugh! Nice easy day no problems the restaurant spilt the bill so no complaints!!!
The days highlights


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