El Bodegón – Torremolinos

Another great day in the center and again another brand new venue for the lunch club! We started our day in guinns which is a great meeting point central and we get well looked after by Bryan and the crew and I like it for the craft ale to start the day and there isContinue reading “El Bodegón – Torremolinos”


Valentines Club ❤️

Hey lunch club crew fantastic day Monday with high numbers! This weekend we have valentines weekend and we are cooking for pub Branigans! So Monday we are meeting central at guinns around one and moving into Pub Branigans for 2.30 – we have sous vide aged fillet with air fries and salad for 16,50€ andContinue reading “Valentines Club ❤️”


Kathmandu – Torremolinos

We had a fantastic day Monday despite the late cancellation by the original restaurant which caused double work and confusion with group members which is a nightmare to be honest! This is one of the reasons the lunch club has no connection with group members going direct or using external deal websites!!! Any how IContinue reading “Kathmandu – Torremolinos”