A very special today and again we was a limited capacity! I’m going to try get the capacity back to normal after the coach trip! Well we had a fantastic day lined up for Lisa’s 50th birthday party and started the day with well priced drinks in ibensa bar around 1pm and we moved down to the New Olssons Bar / Restaraunt for 2.30pm for a bbq meal deal! Tracy and Anne had been in earlier and made up the room with balloons and dropped off a surprise cake! So thank you so much guys !!!
Presented up fast with a free drink that come with barbecue which was lovely and we ordered a lovely bottle of white wine Micheal has a lovely selection to choose from and we was really happy!

We didn’t have to wait long for the bbq food and salad with home coleslaw! I have to say the produce Micheal has selected is the best quality – the chicken, burgers and sausages can not be beat! I think he took his time sourcing these for sure!

Absolutely top notch – thank you Micheal I managed to snap this picture he will kill me !! What a great guy!

They arranged happy birthday music and brought our the surprise cake Tracy got for Lisas birthday ?

Lisa would like to thank everybody for a fantastic day! Thank you Micheal Michelle & Olsson Crew amazing ? 12 out of 10

Plus we would like to thank people for the wine and presents Lisa had a fantastic weekend and Andy & Michelle for the zin we did the zin dance ?

Highlights of the day


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