We had a slight change of plan this week as i had phoned the wrong che bolu and booked! The one in torremolinos was closed!! We started the day in campana 1957 and i went at a couple of moscatels the price in here is unbelievable!! So we headed to che bolu to find it closed Which wasnt a bad thing we was at low numbers and one of the crew had left there mobile phone in rubens and it had closed and was opening back up for us! So we setup camp direct across in bar chill.
Probably the best thing that happened in a while! The service was fantastic and wine was straight out! Not just well priced great quality wine but a good glass not your little copa and fresh and chilled at 3 euro una ganga!
We went at some damn good english food home cooked and proper fresh product. Most of use went at the Cumberland sausage, gravy with Yorkshire pud and real fresh vegetables which was amazing!

The food was amazing and well priced the guys are great in bar chill and plenty of well priced fresh food to go at on the menu for anybody! Id highly recommend it.
We got the phone back and headed over to pub Branigans for a few more beers and laughs!
Thank you bar chill absolutely fantastic
The days highlights


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