Branigans Torremolinos – Beer Tasting & Sri Lanken food


Another amazing day!!
We started the day around 1pm central torremolinos in Guinns and drank some of our ale – the rubber soul!
We moved over to Branigans at 2.30pm for Sri Lanken food and was presented with drinks promptly and our starters started coming – Sri Lanken chicken salad

Amazing food really tasty then we moved in to the main which was off the scale!!

Absolutely amazing collection of flavors!
We also had a beer tasting set up for our own craft ale called rubber soul. We gave all club members a free bottle if they wanted one so handed out 18 and we had positive feed back about our new ale which is fantastic!! We finished the day with a few laughs and beers in Guinns
Me and Lisa would like to thank our good friends for support on this day, this was a big day for us!!!
We had the TV crew with us but you’ll see more about this later….

The Rubber Soul is amazing
The days highlights!!

Sol De Beirut ~ Torremolinos


We started the day in keaneys and talked about out up and coming lunch club

Over a Guinness or two of course!
The crew was rounded up for 2.30pm and ready to eat! So we strolled a few doors down to the Sol de Beirut for our lunch club deal. We was presented fast with drinks

And then presented fast with a starter and a main which was fantastic

Excellent value and the staff are amazing here, they kindly split the bill and we headed off to McGuinesses to see molly for another couple of Guinness on the Tap! Nice & Creamy 👌Fantastic Day!

The days highlights

Beer Tasting & Sri Lanken Food


Our First Beer Testing Event!! Please message me or Lisa for more information! Blacken pork curry cooked with roasted spices, Asian beans tempered, cauliflower and carrot curry cooked with raw spices in coconut cream, coconut sambol, Asian yellow Dahl curry with fried onions and mustard seeds and basmati rice. Start off with sri lankan curry flavored chicken caesar salad. 15 euros net per person.

The View – Torremolinos


Another absolutely fantastic day but with a view! We started the day of in borsalino in Torremolinos Montemar. It’s the first time I visited and we chose this bar as all the other bars near are closed till about 4! and this one opens from 8am in the morning! I have to say it’s a fantastic little cafe bar! Lovely place, lovely wine and food and lovely owners! Lovely lovely lovely!

If your in the area I’d highly recommend also I got some free tapas with my well priced wine and the food is bang on 👌
We moved on for the usual 2.30pm to the view, we took the scenic route down the beach which was stunning

we arrived at the view with the room set out for the lunch club crew. The service in the view is amazing and started on a seperate bill which the lunch club gives high rating for! Served up fast with quality wine chilled to perfection

The food started moving fast we pre ordered this to make easier for the chef Eion. Seeing the food come out was amazing the quality and presentation is the best! I had fish chips and mushy peas and tartare sauce which I don’t usually eat but this tartare sauce was bang on! And the fish and mushy peas well!!…

I was very tempted for the apple pie and custard but the main finished me off!! I have to say the view has it all great service, beverages and prices and the food and views are the best – highly recommend!
We moved onto mosquito chiringuito for end of the day mojito and a few laughs!

Another fantastic day here are the days highlights.

Questions? Answers…


We had a few questions on a email this morning regarding the lunch club. Here are some answers!

How long has the lunch club been running? Roughly 4 years now
Who created the group? Me & Lisa created the group in Los Ridos and have managed and maintained the group for four years.
Are you Monday Club? We was originally Monday Club but to stop confusion we rebranded to The lunch Club around a year or so ago.
How many members do you have? We roughly have around 25 people who come every week who change each week, we have international returning members and would guess around 150 different people who have attended I’m going to build a database
Do you make any money from the lunch club? No we don’t make a penny it basically costs us to pay for the website and hosting etc, cards and other things we pay this out if our pockets. Some of the restaurants give us a bottle of wine for bringing in the club so in return I give them a in depth review. But we are none profit.
Is there a fee to join? No
What’s age group ? Any age to be honest we have all ages
Couples or singles? We have singles, couples groups anything is fine!
Can we recommend restaurants and bars? Yes please do
How often do you meet?
We meet every Monday and this could be lunch club local or a day coach trip outing
How do we find our what’s going on? We can either WhatsApp you or Facebook messenger and you can ask through live chat on the website or on the events tab on the website
Any more questions please feel free to message me or Lisa
Torremolinos Lunch Club Founders & Maintainers.

sabores club – Torremolinos


We started the day in RJ’s which we had a couple of problems ! Some of our members got lost with the google map which is wrong for some reason, we have no connection but we are sorry if the venues send you to the wrong location! You would have to talk to the venue regarding and wrong directions! Then when one of our members came we had to change tables so we grabbed a chair for him to sit down as he is elderly but the waiter basically ripped it away from him and put it back to a empty table and left him to stand so Lisa donated her chair, we find this very rude and we have hit this place with the strike list I’m afraid!
We moved onto Club Sabores for well priced food & wine. We had a problem with our bill but was quickly corrected.

We moved onto El mojito for a couple of wines to finish up the day.
The days highlights

Pub Branigans – Sri Lanken Delights!


The crew started the day central in Guinns around one and I opted for a fresh craft ale

We all arrived by 2pm and left Guinns for 2.30pm gradually over to Pub Branigans and opted for another craft ale while our wine chilled slightly

We was the presented with a fresh crispy salad with a lovely sauce

And we didn’t have to wait long for the main dish which was absolutely amazing!

We took our slightly chilled red wine and it made a lovely meal

The Sri Lanken food is absolutely amazing!
Thank you mahesh and rafael absolutely bang on. The crew moved over to vanilla to finish the day with some wine and some laughs! Another fantastic day!
high lights here

Alfarnate – Coach Club Crew!!


Coach club crew! Our next coach outing will be on the Monday 22nd of November and we will be visiting Venta Alfarnate, Alfarnate. Its the oldest venta in Andalucia, it has a very small museum attached to it. We also have a set menu del dia including a drink. We also will be making a visit to the lake vinuela on the way. We are looking around about an hour from Torremolinos.
Here are the pick points and times

Monday 22nd. 9.30 La Cala Ferria Ground 9.45 Fuengirola Ferria Ground 10.00 Arroyo Train Station 10.10 Minerva Apts 10.25 Torremolinos Central

Please let us know if you want to book a seat 💺

Kathmandu – Torremolinos


Started the day central in Guinns around 1pm with the most amazing session ipa craft ale or two!

The crew moved onto Kathmandu for 2.30pm and was served up with wine very fast!

We didn’t have time in the week to pre order with work and was impressed by the time the food was cooked!
We was presented with popadoms and dips

And the main wasn’t to far behind! I fancied a change from the normal madras / vindaloo and went for the Nepalese food which was absolutely amazing and opted for the mixed sizzling pahadi and it was absolutely fantastic!

Id highly recommended – top service, top food at a realistic price!
The crew moved onto vanilla for a few laughs and more beverages!
Absolutely fantastic day!!
The days highlights

Coach Club Crew!!


Coach Club Crew!!!
We are having our next coach trip on November 21st we are visiting a Venta Alfarnate, Alfarnate. Its the oldest venta in Andalucia, it has a very small museum attached to it. Around about an hour from Torremolinos! This time we have set menu del dia including a drink. 30€ – please let wayne or Lisa know if you want to join us.