Lunch Club, El Calvario Torremolinos


Absolutely amazing in the El Calvario, Torremolinos!
We made a hour earlier start this week so we could make the 13.30 appointment for lanjaron as it get really busy!
So we started of the day in la Fuente which is my local and they opened up for us especially!!! A few beers and a curried cauliflower tapa to kick of the day !!

We moved down to the lanjaron restaurant which has the best food at the best prices with the best service! I had a steak on the stone and chips and salad and a fine bottle of wine to match it! Have to say as good as always the quality never slips I’d highly recommended the lanjaron.

We moved back up in to El Calvario to the la fuente and got straight on the pacharan and listened to some amazing eighties music 🎶 we would like to thank the bar for opening especially for the lunch club crew!

The crew decided to go to Plaza de Federico García Lorca and visit the amazing De Anna’s !! Which was a smart move .. we got the sun which was amazing and we bumped into our friend switch and I got on the expensive wine !!!

It’s a lovely restaurant awesome staff and quality produce !! A great place to finish the day with the crew – check the video for highlights of the day

De Anna’s – El Calvario – amazing


The most amazing day in El Calvario, the original old town and a amazing Spanish area with a wealth of bars and restaurants

We started the day in the fuente in the Plaza de Federico García Lorca and all met around 13.00 we hit the most amazing Spanish Roble at the right price with amazing friendly service.

We moved onto De Anna’s which we pre booked to make the day seamless. We was presented by the most amazing starter combination and was wondering where I would hit my main dish!!

We was served up swiftly with the most amazing Argentinian steak and Lisa had the chicken peppercorn sauce which I tried and it was amazing I’ll have that next time!!!! We finished up with a option of cake or ice cream I went for the chocolate ice cream which was divine and then we was presented with a caramel vodka !!!

I have to say along with the rest of the group this was the ultimate lunch experience we have had, the food, the venue and the service was seamless – truly amazing experience 👌 we gave them restaurant a well deserved round of applause 👏
The top end wine here is remarkable you should try this if you visit 👌
We finished the day with a well priced bottle of wine from kuduro again with amazing service and the best thing the whole lunch club crew together

This is the kind of day which we like and a great feeling of accomplishment – absolutely amazing, here are the day highlights

Lunch Club Wine tasting event with piano piano


The lunch clubs first new wine testing event!! Torremolinos Piano 🎹 Piano with fine wine and nibbles food available.

Now look at this …

And this …

Message for more details of reservation – booking with the lunch club gives you huge reductions on the day.

Lunch Club @ The Sunset Inn – Carihuela


This week we decided to cut the term Monday Club from our group and will proceed in the future as the Lunch Club.

So this week the Lunch Club Crew started the day in happy days, carihuela Torremolinos. We meet around one we strolled in around 1.30 as we took a quick beer in piano 🎹 piano arranging the lunch clubs first wine tasting event!
We took a couple of pints in the happy days and headed on round to the Sunset inn, we was booked for 2.30 so late as usual at 2.45!! The service is second to none and was presented fast with a bottle of red wine which was great, perfect temperature.
We didn’t have to hang around for the main course but taking in the stunning views of the Mediterranean and beach isn’t to shabby! Now nicks portions are gigantic so I copied Fran with one dunk of mash potatoes with my dinosaur sized Minted leg of lamb! Luckily I had no breakfast this was a gut buster and there was no chance on the planet there was room for the delightful sweets we was offered after our main!
I have to say all the food is top notch snd the prices are awesome at sunset and everybody was happy not one complaint so sunset gets a 12 out of ten!!
We took a stroll down the beach to the El Mojito to watch the Amazing Gary Poole – enjoying Motown Soul & Funk! Absolutely amazing everybody loved the music and was the icing on the cake for a amazing day !!!
We took of back to the calvario main square to line up a Lunch Club on the Square …

Here is the highlights of the day


A couple of compilations from January to March


Here is a compilation of photos from different venues the Monday Club organised from January 2021!!

Monday Club Porches


We kicked off the day with a John Smith in piano 🎹 piano and ordered a Uber over to the Benalmadena for the Los Porches Monday Club !!
We started the day in tequila 3 where we get well looked after not only great beer and service and laugh and they had a small store selling scented candles and a raffle which was great ! They give us some shots free as well! Monday Club loves tequila 3!! We moved onto Indian city – I have to say I love the food in Indian city it’s the best! My lamb madras was divine!! Great staters and the onion bahjji was great! We didn’t go for the free cheaper wine we took a nice bottle of roble which was absolutely amazing well priced as well.

The service was great I was amused when I asked the girl to split the bill and she didn’t know how!! Maybe in the wrong job 😂 but you get well looked after by Raju his food is really amazing I use this place a lot it’s real good 👌
We moved onto the Bull Dog bar again getting great service and well priced wine 🍷 cracking little bar !! Nice terrace positions and the lunch club crew proceeded into the kids play park !!!

We finished the day with a Uber ride over to el calvario square for a mega expensive glass of wine although it’s expensive it’s the best I’ve had!! Monday is a day for us to enjoy food and drink delights so we don’t cut corners!!!

Los porches Monday Club kicks assss!!

The Directs List Update.


We have created a new list this week to avoid further work and confusion with bookings. When we visit the restaurants and bars in our personal own free time for the club we ask the current deals that restaurant and bars can offer us and we then make a note of this, but keeping in mind that we are now from this day booked till the end of may they could possibly add another offer which we do try and ask when we start getting the numbers but unfortunately we are not retired we have a daily working life and the lunch club is fitted into our busy schedule for free we don’t do this as a job or get any money from this is just for personal fun and socializing. So this week when somebody finds a offer that the term we would be daft not to take up on was used a couple of times ?! Which I’m like 😳 we created a new list as the amount of extra work that this causes which you probably wouldn’t realize ! But hey ho. We created a directs list so this would be better for some members we think. Myself and Lisa have been solely running the club for 4 years now and it’s been smooth until 8 month or so ago when we was going to kick it into touch but was asked not to as people do enjoy the socializing and weekly meet! I
Was feeling this way a bit this week after daft comment sooo.. we made two lists which all existing members can choose and we will offer this to the new members we introduce from now on!!

So the first we offer is Monday Club list we will ask the bars and restaurants the current offers and indicate these we will also pre book food when required and indicate your reservation and cancelation if required best for the easy going people who just want the easy life. You will get a message as per usual asking if your in and you indicate yes or no then we send full event details it’s very simple.

The second list is ‘The Directs’ this is great for people who want to grab that exclusive deal this way we just send you the event link for the Torremolinos lunch club website you then look at that on the week to see the days line up and contact the restaurant to make your exclusive booking. The lunch club would have no connection with these bookings.

We will get this Monday out of the way and we will send a message to all members with this text so people can choose from this week if they want to be on the Lunch Club list or the the new ‘directs’ list. We want to keep this simple and stress free and this is the only way we can do this without offense.

We hope you enjoy Los Porches Monday Club that we organized for the club !!!