Co Founders of the Lunch Club!! Los Ridos


Great spending time with these guys yesterday – without Rafael & Mahesh there would be no lunch club!
I bumped into these guys when they was opening up a new restaurant in el calvario around four years ago! I popped my head in the door and asked if they spoke English and mahesh said well hello and welcomed us into the bar which was opening that night!
We immediately became great friends and they started cooking Sri Lanken food for us.

We started to invite people we knew and it grew quickly and evolved into now what we call the lunch club!!
And for four years me and Lisa have maintained and organised weekly meetings and recently Coach trips!
We would like to thank mahesh and Rafael for being true good loyal friends and we consider as family ♥️

Restaurante la cacerola Torremolinos


Lunch club central Torremolinos

We started the day in the plaza independencia in a cracking bar called The Rugby Club. Well priced beer and get well looked after and lovely surroundings and water features.

Great to catch up with Mahesh & Rafael co original lunch club founders.

Everybody appeared before 2.30pm some started moving to the restaurant for 2.20 so we all appeared for the pre booked time and was served briskly with a very nice white wine.

We had a small problem with a bar across cutting tiles which was noisy and they started spray painting which is crazy we asked them to hold of a while but they was quite rude which was a shame for bars trying to get the trade around!
Everybody was served up ok apart from me and Lisa had a long wait we was served last which was a bit of a wait but we don’t complain on the day we think that’s rude!
Anyway the lamb chops was good I think

the restaurant will do well they are new owners and lovely people just a touch on the side for the price for me and others in the lunch club.
The lunch club moved onto Guinns in the central and some of the girls popped of to dealz for some English goodies!
The craft ale selection is great in Guinns and we are looking at arranging a lunch club with the guys in Guinns real soon!

We would like to welcome our new member Ilene to the lunch club and wish the restaurant cacerola all the best with the new restaurant.
Here are the days highlights

Potters Lodge – Benalmadena


Absolutely fabulous day again
Although we are running in limited numbers we having a great time!!
We started the day in Ibensa bar around one for amazing priced drinks! And wandered around to potters lodge for 2.30pm as arranged – we filled the whole Restaraunt and we had made the extra work and pre ordered.
Was very fast presented with a bottle of white wine which was amazing
I opted for the ploughmans lunch deal for two with a bottle of wine and have to say it was the best I’ve had home cooked ham and amazing salad and cheese was perfect

Lisa had the steak pie and that was bang on!
The food and the venue and the staff are amazing and for a small venue was was very happy with service and wait time absolutely perfect – thank you
We moved into the new Olssons bar which is a great new venue with great prices and great staff and we are going to run a lunch club here very soon !!

Absolutely fantastic day twelve out of ten we will be returning with the lunch club plus love the ska painting in the potters lodge

Highlights of the day !!

It’s Vietnam Beach carihuela


Another fantastic day with new venues and new people!!
We started the day in a cracking bar right next door to the restaurant, if you like a selection of ales you need to take a look at cafe Bélgica they have a lovely selection!
The crew was fully rounded up for 1.30pm and the first batched moved next door for 2.30 we decided to hang around as the restaurant is small so thought it better to stagger the orders as we didn’t pre order!
We walked over for 2.50 and ordered our drinks which we was presented with a lovely crisp white wine lovely and chilled.

We was then asked for the food order and I had can’t complain about small wait and was presented with a lovely pair of king prawn wrap with a lovely peanut dip which really did go lovely with the fresh crispy king prawn wrap, lovely flavors lime, coriander etc …

We opted for the spicy crispy chicken which was what it said crispy and spicy and very tasty!! I loved the sticky rice and we was stuffed !!

I would highly recommended this dish combination and restaurant. The service was great and the prices was spot on and to consider we didn’t pre order!! But I’m not one of these who just grumble !!
We crew moved onto the happy day’s amd had a great time and the drinks and food and tasty little tapas was great !!!
Great day, great company, great food and drink that’s what the clubs about!!!

Highlights of the day!

Next few weeks and invite only mode


Hey lunch clubbers!!
We are running at full capacity this week! We have a new venue and new members and views again!
Also we have lined up another new venue for next week and limited availability for this day!!
We have sent all direct invites so let us know this week before Saturday if you want to join us!
We are on invite only mode right now from September I’m afraid if your not invited you won’t be able to join us. This policy is in place for essential reasons for the lunch club stability and continuity!! We will keep like this for as long as it takes and update the lunch club crew when we can go back to normal. Thank you for understanding this.